D&D Rules Comparison 15

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Spell effect changes:

Charm person – is ineffective against 6hd or greater creatures.  Victims receive a saving throw after 24hrs and at intervals thereafter based on intelligence.  The spell is broken if the caster attacks the victim.

Clairvoyance – allows the caster to see through the eyes of another creature.

Continual Light – covers a 60 foot area and may be cast on an object as for the Light spell.

Detect Evil – causes the evil to appear to glow to the caster

Detect Magic – causes the Magic to appear to glow to the caster

ESP – requires one minute of concentration and picks up all thoughts in the direction chosen by the caster.  Thoughts are understood regardless of language barriers but multiple minds in the area produce a jumble of “voices”, requiring another 6 rounds to single out one mind.  Target Saving throw allowed.  The spell can be reversed as MindMask to block esp.

Find Traps – causes them to glow a dull blue.

Haste – doubles movement for 4d6 creatures.

Hold Person – causes paralysis but does not affect undead or creatures larger than ogres.  Reversed “free person” releases paralysis.

Hold Portal – any creature with 3hd more than the caster can temporarily break open the portal in one round.

Invisibility – objects made invisible become visible when touched.

Invisibility 10’ radius – leaving the circle returns visibility.  Entering the circle after casting does not allow one to become invisible nor does reentering after leaving it.

Knock – opens only one lock or similar obstacle at a time.  A door barred and locked could not be opened by a single knock spell.

Light – can be cast on a moveable object and will blind a victim if cast on their eyes.

Lightning bolt – begins 180 feet away from the caster (!?!?) and extends a further 60 feet.

Phantasmal Forces – effects of damage wear off and can be disbelieved with a save vs. spells.  A successful hit will dispel.

Protection from evil extends 1 inch from the casters body.  The caster may make missile attacks.  The caster cannot be touched by “evil” creatures unless the caster attacks them.  No saving throw allowed against this spell.

Protection from Normal Missiles – excludes catapult stones (D&D74 is ambiguous on catapult stones).

Purify food and water can separate water from mud.  It does not affect living creatures and no saving throw is allowed.

Sleep – affect 2d8 HD worth of creatures of less than 4+1 HD, within a 40 x 40 foot area for 4d4 turns.  Sleeping creatures may be killed with a single blow.  Undead and large creatures immune.

Speak with Animals moves with the caster.

Discussion:  Most of the changes to spells are explanations of how the spell will function in a given circumstance or an explanation of limitations.  Sleep is perhaps a bit more limited depending on the interpretation of the original, but it is also simpler and easier to apply in practice.   Most of these are pretty good and worth adopting.  I believe the original light spell was not mobile (but continual light is) and could not be cast on an object (but continual light can be) - and I prefer it that way.  The one spell alteration here that is definitely out for D&D74 games is the change to lightning bolt.  It is a feature of the game that the spell can be cast directly in front of the caster (or casting object) and that there is always the potential of bounce back in tight spaces.


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