Where in the World is Blackmoor?

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Despite being a locale successfully utilized by many gamers for nearly 5 decades now, the town of Blackmoor seems surprisingly agile, appearing to wander about the map in a curious and sometimes perplexing fashion.

To literally illustrate what I mean, we will look close in to a series of maps, starting with the oldest known map which comes from Bill Hoyt's collection and was featured in Secrets of Blackmoor.  There's no label on the town, but it is readily identifiable as that place we now call Blackmoor.

Above we see two roads leaving the town to west and south west, and one to northeast.  The town itself seems to sit on the west bank of a short channel of water, but possibly on the shore of the lake to the south.  From later maps we know this is Hope lake, and to the north is Blackmoor Bay.  The channel is never labeled, but if it helps we could call it Hope Straight or some such.

At some point, possibly early on, Arneson made a much simplified sketch version of this map.  This sketch map appears in the FFC (page 12 of the 1980 reprint)

We still have the three roads leaving the town, though one of them has moved directly south and the one to the west soon splits into two separate roads.  What we don't see is that short channel connecting Hope lake with Blackmoor Bay.  There is no hint of a the channel at Blackmoor at all and the town now seems to sit squarely on the south shore of Blackmoor bay.

Okay, lets contrast these with Arneson's hand drawn map of the town which first appeared in Domesday book 13, of July 1972.  The particular version below is from one of the original players and has some additional labels.

There are now 5 roads leading away from the town.  The river is back, but now to the west of the town and seemingly leading to the west instead of SE as you would expect if it were heading into Hope Lake as it should.

Further, Blackmoor Bay is waaaay too narrow, especially on the western side, to fit on either map above.

Perhaps it is because of some of these issues, particularly with the river, that when Bob Bledsaw redrew the town map he radically reoriented it as below:

That does realign the river correctly with the channel on the area map, but it also totally throws off the roads, not to mention the dungeon alignment.  It also doesn't fit the coastline of the earlier maps very well.

Now you might think  when Bledsaw drew a new macro scale map it would reflect his reorintation of the town.  Here is Blackmoor on the area map included with the FFC:

Well, that doesn't fit the new town alignment at all.  Notice however, how this map places Blackmoor on a micro bay with a small penisula to the west.   While this map doesn't square with the reoriented town map, it does fit the look of the earlier town map pretty well, except for the direction of the channel and the road leading south.  

In fact, if we assume that east west "river" on the town maps is a local stream coming out of the nearby hills and not the channel that connects Blackmoor Bay with Hope lake, then the only feature not accounted for here is that southern road.  There's four roads shown on this map, making it different from the earlier area maps by having a second road to the west, but still no road to the south.

Let's move ahead to the 1980's to see if or how the location of Blackmoor might have been "fixed". (pun intended)  First we have the map found in Different Worlds magazine for Arneson's Garbage Pits of Despair adventure.  

 Now we've only got two roads and again no connecting channel between Hope lake and Blackmoor Bay.  It does look as though a third road was intended to the east and never dotted in judging by the gap in the trees though.  A comparison of the shape of Rock Island in Hope Lake, the position of the roads and the lack of a river, strongly suggests that the cartographer used the rough sketch map found in the FFC as her model.  However, Blackmoor Bay is now shaped much more like what we see in the original town map.  

For many though, the "official" Blackmoor is the TSR version published as the DA series.  TSR didn't publish a town map but they did publish several area maps, as below:

The TSR map is clearly a close copy of the Bledsaw map.  Enough said. Moving on to the 2000's we have two maps from Zeitgeist games.  First the hexmap:

Pretty clearly, this copies the TSR map, but interestingly the little peninsula is gone and without it the original town map no longer makes sense because of the shape of the coast.  Lets look at the other Zeitgeist map hand drawn by Clayton Bunce:

Okay, we are back to three roads but now one of them goes south out of the town.  Most interestingly the channel connecting Lake Hope and Blackmoor Bay is quite wide and Blackmoor town sits on it's shore, not the shore of Blackmoor Bay.  In this respect, it looks more like the Bledsaw reoriented town map.

So what to make of all this?  When I started looking into these maps I had no expectations of where it would lead, but I think now the solution with the least problems vis a vis canon material is to accept Arneson's original town map and marry it to the coastline of the FFC area map - as I've done crudely but hopefully clearly below.  The roads are a little fiddly, but if we presume the west road to Glendower is shown splitting to soon on the town map, then the rest takes care of itself.  Let me know what you think.

Monkeyshines with Maps

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Recently, what is believed to be the oldest map of the land of Blackmoor has drawn some comment in a few different places, including the Secrets of Blackmoor 'blog, the Wandering DM's livestream and the OSR Grimoire 'blog.  We have this map courtesy of original Blackmoor player Bill Hoyt (Baron of Williamsfort), along with an accompanying letter  dated to March of 1971.

This map is not as complete as some later maps in terms of bordering areas, which made me a bit curious as to how well it would fit inside later maps.

It took a bit of monkeyshines with re-scaling but it was the dead of winter last January when I did this so I had a bit of time to fool with it.  In the end I think I got it all to fit together pretty well.  

For this project I used 4 additional Blackmoor maps.  The primary map is that drawn by Clayton Bunce for the Zeitgeist games line of products.  Grafted onto the south end of that is the TSR map from DA3, City of the Gods.  Also for a small portion of the south and for the east coast Islands, the best fit was actually Dave Arnesons sketch map from the FFC (using the colorized version made by Snorri)  Lastly, there is a tiny piece of the Zeitgeist games hex map version of Blackmoor in the firefrost channel - simply because it fit better and it was a bit of fun to toss that map in too.

Here is the end result:

A few posts back, I posted an Apocalypse map of Blackmoor showing what Greyhawks' Blackmoor should look like with the towns and rivers properly placed.

The map you see here is the one I used to site those locations.  

A Blackmoor Timeline

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Blackmoor Timeline 2019
D H Boggs

This is a "strictly canon" version of the timeline, meaning everything here is directly sourced as noted.  Certain entries here do conflict with some published materials.  Blackmoor has had a history of being reworked by various authors and conflicting data is unavoidable.

Only the exact dates of some events known to have occurred around a certain time have been assumed, everything else is directly sourced as indicated.  

Blackmoor, is the original setting created by Dave Arneson, some time around or before March of 1971, and the nursery  in which grew many of the rules and concepts found in Dungeons and Dragons.  One of the interesting things about the setting is the wide range of incarnations it has undergone.  I say interesting, because at times it can be quite frustrating, and at times quite fun, like a jigsaw puzzle.

Some years ago, prior to the publication of Dave Arnesons’s Blackmoor series, a talmudic scholar and Blackmoor enthusiast named David Ross (Zimriel) made a timeline for Blackmoor.    Generally it’s a lovely piece of research.  He even consulted with Dave Arneson on some matters, and while they were apparently were not always in agreement, Arneson thought highly enough of his work to include much of it in the timeline given in the official Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor books.   Unfortunately Ross’ original timeline is not free of errors, suffering as it does from the occasional misreading of the text of the First Fantasy Campaign booklet, and some rearrangement of dates and facts.  For example, Ross completely confuses the events of the third coot invasion with the second and further confuses incidents in them, such as where William of the Heath was saved by his mechanical horse Bill, which Ross curiously turns into a rescue mission of Baron Fant!  Ross did footnote his timeline, but his footnotes are hit or miss in that many items are left without footnotes and other material appears in his timeline which is not found in the sources he sites.  For example, he places one event in the "Vale of Glenfinian" - a location found nowhere in any source we know of.      

Be that as it may, and perhaps most importantly, a great deal more information and source material is available now that was not available for Ross' and others earlier efforts. 

It's time for a fresh look. 
There have been three major publication eras for Blackmoor:

a) The First Fantasy Campaign booklet published by Judges Guild in 1977
b) The DA series of modules for classic D&D, published by TSR in 1986
c) The Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor series of 3e and one 4e books published 2005-9, including the MMRPG adventures.

Since there have been these numerous and often different incarnations of Blackmoor, there can not be any single “right” timeline.  There can be any number of equally accurate, yet conflicting timelines depending on which version of the story is considered the base.  There have, for example, been a few, much longer, world of Mystara timelines posted online, such as that of LoZompatore on Pandius, that incorporate only the TSR DA series material.  Further, no matter what version of Blackmoor is being used as primary, there’s still lots of wiggle room in certain particularly vague periods.

For this particular timeline, I have assumed Blackmoor exists on its own unique world and is not part of any other settings published after the release of D&D.  In consulting the source material, I have prioritized information according to the degree to which Arneson and his players  - the originators of Blackmoor - had influence over the text.  This is not to say that Arneson is the only voice for Blackmoor by any means, but to me it makes sense to favor his vision over others for the setting he created whenever conflicts arise.  Admittedly, others may feel differently.   

This timeline is based first and foremost on the information found in the Arnesons’ First Fantasy Campaign, his Garbage Pits of Despair, TSR’s Supplement II Temple of the Frog, and stories or recollections he and his players wrote.  

Onto this framework details are grafted from Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor products (Goodman Games, Zeitgeist Games and Code Monkey Press).  Of these, the 4e sourcebook, “The First Campaign” is taken to be most “revised and accurate”, being the last one produced in Mr. Arnesons lifetime, although most of this book reprints the earlier d20 info.  Nevertheless, where the 4e timeline conflicts with original campaign information or the FFC, the original material will take precedence, such as the dating of William of the Heath's acquisition of the mechanical horse, the date of the battle of the six hills, the date of the Third Coot invasion, and so on.  There are also a few instances where conflicts with the timeline arise within the d20 books themselves where better information is provided, such as the slightly earlier dating of Uberstars mine, which is given only vague date range in the 4e book (copied from Ross),  Next in priority of Zeitgeist Games source material must be The Wizards Cable, - the only book of the era on which Arneson is given a writing credit.  TWC contains an excellent multipage narrative history – though it gets a bit wonky toward the end.  I must also mention the MMRPG series which contains details found nowhere else, including the final years of Uther's reign and his ultimate demise.  

Lastly, some details were drawn from TSR’s DA1-4, game modules where there was no information or no conflicts with the other source material.  This approach does distinguish this timeline over other efforts which typically prioritize TSR’s vision in the DA series. 

The History
Know, oh Prince…
The Northern Marches lie on a world with two moons and wondrous magic (Greg Svenson, Blackmoor forum).  It is a swamp and lake riddled, far northern region in which, unsurprisingly, winter is no stranger, typically lasting from October till May. (FFC80:26)  The native population of the north includes orcs, elves, dwarves, ents, and hobbits. (FFC, DA1:4).  

Once, long ago, the kingdom of the Elves stretched across the North, from coast to coast.  (PG:197; 4eTFC:183)  As the numbers and strength of the Elves has slowly waned, humans and others have moved in and cobbled together several polities.  Hereafter follows that history in brief:  
- 800 (+/- 300) 

Construction of the great tower of shining blue glass in the Valley of the ancients. (4eTFC:192, true date unknown)
Humans known as Picts begin settling within the borders of the Elven Kingdom.  The Picts are a freshwater based culture who build their settlements on islands within the rivers and swamps. (FFC 80: 86, Havard- Arneson letter)   Initially, the Picts rely on bronze technologies, are highly superstitious and follow the leadership of religious leaders called wokan.  (TWC:3; DoCBM:7 – The history of Callas Anethenitos. the earlier parts of which are considered largely apocryphal by most authorities)  (wokan – 4eTFC:99) 

- 73 – 0: Rule of the Mad Wizard over the Black Moors of the North.  Fortifications are built on the future site of Blackmoor Castle on top of Cumasti Elf ruins.  The wizards  laboratory is built nearby.  
The mad wizard’s defeat in battle results in the creation of a 60’ wide “bottomless” crater – The Wizards Pit - where his laboratory had been. (4eTFC:157,158;”clear signs of Cumasti craftsmanship.” “ruins of at least three previous layers”, dates assumed/approximate)

0: Year Zero of the traditional Blackmoor Calendar.  Early settlers begin to clear the land and establish hamlets and farms utilizing hay based agriculture. In addition to sheep (DW42:M3), they begin to domesticate the large wild bison (grazers) that constitute one of the most common native animals in the area.  The domesticated bison soon become the dominant farm animal in the Northern Marches.  (FFC80:17)

Tales abound among Blackmoorians of a legendary hero, King Robert the First of Geneva, supposedly a great warlord and monarch who conquers and rules over the natives of Blackmoor at this time.  

10:   Establishment of a trading post at Maus. (4eTFC:167, date derived from TWC:3 ”almost immediately after the founding of the empire”)

224:   Following the Great Reign of Fire, Pygmalion, a semi-legendary religious leader known for her beauty and sensuality, founds a cult whose theology is literally make love, not war.  Her religion flourishes but is short lived however, as rivalries among her followers lead to her being kidnapped by a Jinn who is said to have lusted after her.  There are those who claim Pygmalion was thereafter enchanted into an eternal slumber, others who say she escaped her captor and wanders the world in secret, bringing peace where she can but forever chased by her obsessed kidnapper.  (Arneson Atlantis note 1970, C&C Domesday Book #10, April 71, FFC 80:15, Bel-Ran Rumor 624, Oct 1974)

460:     Uberstar Khazakhum establishes the Great Mines at Mount Uberstar in the Crystal Peaks.  (DA1:63; “over half a millennium ago”,  4eTFC:189 “nearly 600 years of mining” ) 

480:    Construction of the Temple of the Id. (FFC80:18, DoCBM:146 ”Worship of Id started shortly before the year 500.”)
The Bloody Duke, a sadist and architectural megalomaniac, reigns in Blackmoor Castle.  He designs and builds a vast, multi-level dungeon beneath castle Blackmoor - connecting to natural caverns and some say to even older, deeper passages.  (CS:116, DoCBM:184,185 “hundreds of years”; 4eTFC:158; FFC80:21) 

499: The Bloody Duke killed in his own dungeon by 13 escaped prisoners. (DoCBM:184,185)

500: Destruction of the Temple of Id by a combined force of humans and elves. ("sometime in the last 500 years" FFC80:18, per the FFC, placing this event at precisely 500 is too far back, however the 4eTFC timeline does exactly that, so....)  

500 - 805: a series of Dukes are appointed to rule Blackmoor.  "The Dog Duke" is the only one to achieve any lasting fame. (FFC80:21) 

589: Horghast and Herutu arise as popular leaders among the
Peshwah nomads. (RoH, p47)

 A Wizard constructs a laboratory inside what will become known as the Wizards Pit. (date approximate)

600: First Great Peshwah Invasion.  The Wizard Pissaic creates a ditch and defensive work around Blackmoor town and castle.  Invasion turned back at Blackmoor castle. (FFC80:21, Peshwah referred to as Ben Hassocks, Hassock presumed to be an older name of the Hak)

605: While rounding up wild horses, Horghast and Herutu fall into an ambush set by men sent from Blackmoor.  Horghast is killed.  Herutu escaped but was later hunted down and drowned in the Root River.   

The Peshwah begin to split into separate tribes, eventuallyforming 12 of them.  (RoH pp20, 44, 47)  

700: Pirates establish Port Dacoit (4eTFC:148)

704: The Qulaam Tribe settle near the Root River and begin breeding Giant Weasels. (RoH)

739: The only daughter of the King of the Wild Realm in the Wilds of Ten, falls in love with a Westryn noble.  Unfortunately, his love belonged to another - a human.  Spurned, the princess begs her father for vengeance.  In answer, he lays a great curse upon the Westryn elves which prevents them from producing offspring with any race besides their own.  Shortly thereafter the king dies, leaving the curse permanent and the princess becomes  the Black Queen of the Westryn elves.  (MMRPG 86, DAB 14,17, date assumed)

745: The Westryn elves prepare a complex magical ritual intended to remove their curse.  At the same time Sondav, a powerful undead being, opens a rift portal into Westryn controlled lands through which he and other undead from his world could enter.  Sondav begins to gather followers and build a base of operations.  The Westryn elves cease their magic ritual believing it to somehow be responsible for the rift. (MMRPG, Episode 38, date approximate, “centuries ago” but not long after the curse, also MMRPG 86)

747: Sondav is destroyed by human adventurers, however the rift he opened continues to allow undead into the Westryn woods. (date approximate, occurs a few years after Sondav creates the rift, MMRPG 38)

750 Crash of the HMS Beagle, an alien spaceship.  The crew enters stasis while repair robots attempt to rebuild the ship. (The City of the God, DA3).  For mysterious reasons perhaps related to the planet, the robots instead grow the ship into a huge and twisted technological complex. (Robilar in the City of the Gods ).  (4eTFC:235)  (Date arbitrary: based on “Many ages ago” in Leron description Riders of Hak, page 40 and the fact that “generations” of mutated goblins have produced the current  Ash Goblins.)

780: Kargas Dolunt recognizes a special magical nature to the land itself in the Northern Marches. “Magic permeates the land’s every leaf, stone, and crevice.” (4eTFC:126)  He seeks for ways to tap into that magic. (TWC:4,5)

798:  Kargas Dolunt discovers methods to tap into the magical forces permeating the land.  He can be credited with inventing the distillation process capturing the powerful essence and unique magical properties of Superberries, which grow on a tree found only in the Northern Marches and effectively draw the magical energy from the black soil into the fruit. (discovery of superberry process assumed, described in FFC80:19)  He makes his discoveries widely known.  (TWC:4,5) 

805-815:  Influx of Wizards, drawn to the magical nature of the land and the promise of the newly discovered power of Superberries.  They quickly begin carving out territories and staking claims.  Possibly fearing an invasion of non loyal foreign mages, The emperor issues a call for imperial wizards to settle in the Northern Marches.  “Their numbers grew swiftly, however, and the size of the land each wizard wanted grew as well."  (The Wizards Cabal, p4-5)

815 – 834: Mage Wars – “Hot period”.  Within a few years of arrival, the Magic Users begin to consolidate political power in the Northern Marches and fight each other.  Warfare is continuous and devastates the country.  Within the first 5 years, 4 major factions emerge.  (TWC:6)  Much of the population decimated or flees to safer regions.  (4eTFC:126,128)

830: Kali, the corrupt leader of the Sufz Tribe and follower of Calelrin presides over the murder of the Twelve Prophets of the Peshwah. Two other Sufz Peshwah, Hasha and Swahi prevent Kali from fulfilling the blood ritual she had begun, but both perish as a result. Yoosef is born from the blood of the Prophets, becoming the youngest god of the Peshwah. The Murder of the Prophets forces the Peshwah out of the Mage Wars. (RoH)

834: Inspired by the teachings of Yoosef, the Peshneath establish permanent settlements near the Neath woods and devote their lies to crafts and spider silk weaving. (RoH)

835 – 889: Mage Wars - Mage Lord “impass period”; After two decades of rampant warfare, four factions emerge.  The Arcane Dominion of Raddai led by Raddan Goss emerges as the leading faction,.  Open but less active warfare continues between these groups as each seeks for a way to destroy the others. (4eTFC:126)

875: The Order of the Frog arises at Vestfold.   (DA2:9 “Maybe 150 years ago”, present in DA2 is year Blackmore1025).  The cult worships a Dark Lord known variously as Tsauthoggus or Brr'bb't, and believes humans are a biological abomination, inferior to the perfection of amphibians and must be transformed or killed for the world to flourish. (Supplement II:28)

885: Founding of Quincke’s Brigagde – populist wizards opposed to the any wizard/magic users exercising political authority. (BPG:176)  
Mage King Xavien defeated by Raddan. (date approximate, TWC 7, BMPG, A Night in Maus)
886:  Skelfer Ard invents the spell focus using gemstones from the Northern Marches. (TWC:8)

889: Great Kingdom invades the north, intent on subjugating the warring wizards.  The Kingdom’s forces are thoroughly defeated.  (TWC:7) 

886-96 : Rise of a new faction led by Skelfer Ard.  Empowered by the use of the spell focus and Ard’s superior magic, the new faction conquers or absorbs the others.   Ard and allies are effectively in control of the Northern Marches. (TWC:8,9)

896: Ard’s faction commission Knight Inquisitors to hunt down all rogue mages exercising political power outside the faction’s control.  Their mandate soon expands to include any practitioners of wild “sorcerous” magic.  (4eTFC:34)  Any such use of undisciplined, wild magic is a danger which cannot be tolerated. (TWC:9,10)

898: Founding of the Eldritch Underground, led by the Witch of the Fane – rumored to be the granddaughter of Skelfer Ard. (PG: 181,182)

900: Skelfer Ard establishes a mutual defense pact placing Blackmoor as a vassal state to the Great Kingdom.   (TWC: 11, 12).    

908: Attack on the Eldritch Underground hideout in a battle with the Cabal.  Underground scattered but victorious.  

Founding of the sworn of Angville by Angville the Chaotic of the Eldritch Underground.  The sworn of Angville dedicate themselves to the destruction of the Cabal. (PG:182)

910: Ard’s faction established a Wizards training school in Vestfold.  Sometimes considered the official founding of the Cabal (TWC:12) 

922: The “Pirate Insurrection”: The Misaugau River and lands to the west had long been a haven for pirates, bandits, and outlaws, but over time small communities had formed and grown into thriving settlements.  The Great Kingdom inevitably demanded its due in taxes from this long ignored corner of the polity.  The locals refused, prompting the sending of an army.  Ten pirate lords emerge, forging a pact between their respective factions and fighting a brilliant and ultimately victorious war against the empire. (4eTFC:148 date unspecified but I assume the rebellion lasted only a few years) 

925: The ten lords style themselves as dukes and co-rulers of the “Duchy of the Ten". (DA3:27; 4eTFC:148, there are 10 dukes FFC80:14)  

Menander Ithamis becomes lord of Ringlo Hall. (DA1:54)  
The cultists of the Frog religious order settle in the Dismal Swamps, fleeing from pogroms to eliminate them after it becomes known the Froggies are practicing human sacrifice and physical mutilation.  A handful of surviving cultists establish a monastery and modest temple in the middle of the swamps on Frog Island. (DA2:9 festered for “a century”)

935:  Founding of the Monastery of the Order of Mystics near the entrance to the Valley of the Ancients. (PG:212)

951: Construction of the Black Hall of Blackmoor Castle begun. (FFC80:21 “50 years ago”, present in FFC is Blackmoor 995-1001)

960:  Baron Ra-All The Wise completes the construction of the Black Hall and is the first baron to fully use it. . (FFC80:21, 23 note that the "First Coot Invasion" did not occur at this time per later sources.  The reference here is likely to first contact, which occurred in 970 according to the Zeitgeist timeline, though that date was proposed/invented by Zimriel.)

970:  First contact with Coot. (TWC:15)
Ra-All declared king and relocates to Vestfold.  (Vestfold is reffered to as the capitol. Ra- all is referred to as king but there is also an earl of Vestfold in the FFC 80:4-6, 21. There are numerous references in player reports, CotT and the FFC to "the king".  The earl of Vestfold is a separate title that may or may not be held by Ra-all.)
  Alveraz Andahar becomes Baron of Blackmoor , (Assumed Date). 

976: Birth of Sveinn Zvenzen (aka Svenny or the Great Svenny), Baron of Newgate. (House Zvenzen Gazeteer, p18, He is in his "mid 50's" in the year 1030)

985: Birth of Uther (TWC 16)

Alveraz is captured in surprise Skandarian raid and beheaded. (TWC:16, FFC80:21)  The Skandaharians  overwhelm the light defenses and sack castle Blackmoor.  After a few months of looting and raids, the Skandaharians leave. 
The Baron’s wife and children, having been hastily hidden behind a false wall in the castle, starve to death.  (FFC80:23 – baron unspecified but Alveraz is the only candidate fitting the description)  

Ra-all makes “The Weasel” the new baron of Blackmoor.

990: Marfeldt Grey an imposing barbarian warrior, kills his trainers and becomes a captain.  In a very short period he manages to become chief commander of armies and initiates a bloody war with neighboring kingdoms and including several attacks against the Great Empire and the Duchy of the Peaks.  He wins every battle but suffers heavy casualties.    (FFC80:15,16 Date approximate, Hoegfeldt on ODD74 used the title "Lord Grey")  

992:  In response to Marfeldts incursions, the empire sends an army which occupies the country and pounds the capital to ruins.  

Marfeldt leads a guerilla war into the Great Kingdom, causing dissention and rebellion in several provinces. (FFC80:15, Rhun is either the name of the country or the capital city of the land Marfeltd leads.  Geographically, the description does fit with Ten if Rhun is presumed to be the capital city,  possibly equating to Ransfort.)  

993:  Marfeldt abandons the guerilla war for a mercenary career, declaring "Is that the sound of battle in the distance? I think I hear the horns calling me.  Keep FIGHTING as long as you can.".  (Marshal Hoegfeldt ODD74)  

  Ah Foo, a cyborg servant of the Egg of Coot, proves to be superior to the Egg at producing effective magic.  Enraged, the Egg attempts turn him into a laboratory experiment.  The Ran flees south to Ten, but remains a loyal servant of the Egg. (FFC80:14,15)

A young peasant named Fredigar Cripps is remarkably lucky while adventuring, winning a huge fortune.  He uses the money to begin construction of “The Comeback Inn”.  (DA1:7)  (The Inn is present on Arneson’s first map, and Cripps is middle aged in 1025 – DA1:34)  

A disturbance in The City of the Gods leads to the crew coming out of stasis.  Stephen, the captain of security, leads a team of fellow soldiers on an expedition onto the planet in defiance of the Ships Captain Reisling who believes staying put to be the best course of action.  After recovering as much technology as they can, the mutineers head north and discover a hidden village with the remaining monks of the Frog Cult who believe humans must become amphibians to achieve perfection.  Stephen grows power hungry in the delusion that he can bring order to this backward planet.  He co-opts the frog Cult and begins construction of extensive renovations to the Temple of the Frog.    (account of Stephen Rocheford, the Supplement II account; date estimate based on the 5 years given in DA III City of the Gods as the length of time Stephen had control of the Temple before being discovered.)  

994: Ran of Ah Foo becomes one of the ten dukes of Ten; soon the High Duke of Ten.  (approximate date.  (1971)

The Ran begins an intensive dragon breeding program at a large, purpose-built facility at mount Rocky and builds a new capital nearby, calling it Starmorgan.  (FFC80:14,15)

Lord Marfeldt Grey loots the Merchants’ Guild of Maus. (DA1)  

The Baron Weasel makes a secret pact in the Castle library with the Egg through his representative, the Wizard Soukup. (Dave Wesely recollection, FFC80:17, TWC:16) 

The Baron invites his chief nobles into the library one by one where Soukup eliminates them through some magical means.  The Weasel flees the castle on a journey to the  Peshwah shortly before the invasion. 

995: The Northern Marches experience the First invasion by the Egg of Coot.  The castle is besieged.  The remaining defenders meet with a Coot “Peace” mission (actually a crack invasion team led by Soukup) in the castle hall. The invaders attack and both sides are nearly wiped out but Soukup escapes into the dungeon.  The castle falls.  The Weasel is “captured” and held “Prisoner” in the land of Coot.    (FFC80:21) (Note: “second coot invasion” is taken to be a mistake in both context of the paragraph and the date -possibly the exact names for various military actions hadn't been settled at the time this was written.  Should be first Coot Invasion here, according to our current naming conventions).
 Blackmoor town is burned and the castle heavily damaged during the invasion. (4eTFC148, Bob Meyer, Zeitgeistgames forum).  

The Wizards Cabal calls upon the Great Kingdom to honor the alliance.  In response, the wizards are permitted to teleport imperial troops to Blackmoor who join with the wizards to successfully repelling the invasion.  The Wizards ranks are decimated in the fight. (TWC 16)

Fant of Bramwald, and Jenkins, the bandit of Glendower, lead a group of adventurers sneaking into Blackmoor Castle, now defended by inhuman, fantastic monsters and open the gates from the inside. (Aardy R. DeVarque AKA Joel Andrew Hahn - REC.GAMES.FRP.DND FAQ, Part 3 much of Hahns statement is factually wrong, but he is the only known source for the details of this story briefly mentioned in the FFC. Fant is associated with Bramwald in BMGR #2)   

The Egg of Coots forces are defeated, but monsters remain deep in the dungeon, led by the Wizard Soukup. (Bob Meyer, Zeitgeistgames forum)

Fant is granted Blackmoor Barony for "his successful operations during the first Coot invasion".  (FFC80:17)  He is the first non-Andahar to hold the title in generations (Uther describes Fant as "once a great hero" DoCB 25.  Fant is from Bramwald, CoTT 4 #6)
Imperial troops help rebuild the city.  Coots Watch tower constructed (TWC 16)

The bandit Jenkins is also made a Baron, over Glendower which he already had effective control over as a bandit.  (FFC80:17)

Marriage between Baron Fant's sister and Baron Jenkins.  Fant likewise marries Jenkins cousin.   (FFC80:17, BMGR #2)

Gaylord becomes Wizard of the Wood, building a hut in the haunted forest protected by his pet dragon, Tuffy. (FCC80:47,48; Pete Gaylord in Pioneer Press 06/27/2009, by Tad Vezner)
Baron Jenkins retreats to Blackmoor in the face of a large foray by the forces of the Egg of Coot.  A great earthquake shakes Blackmoor on All Hallows.  Portions of the dungeon beneath Blackmoor castle collapse. (Blackmoor Gazette and Rumormonger #1)

Baron Jenkins explores the newly exposed tunnels beneath the castle and gets bitten by a vampire. (Hoyt and Jenkins Player recollection, Secrets of Blackmoor, presumed date) 

Nicholson organizes Minions of the Merchant – aka the Merchant Mafia, headquartered in Blackmoor.  Svenny, Mello the Halfling, Blue Rider form an almost-rival real estate cartel.   (FFC80:19)  

Newly installed Baron Fant orders an expedition into Blackmoor dungeon.  The wizard  Soukup and his Balrog ally devastate the soldiers and Man at Arms.  Svein Zvenzen is sole survivor.  He delivers the magic sword “Maroon” to the Baron. (from G. Svenson first adventure story and sword description in FFC80:44.)   

Zvenzen marries Ximena and begins construction of the “Freehold”. (Svenson)

996:  (1972) – Inspector General Snider leads repeated expeditions into the dungeon below Blackmoor Castle.  The Inspector discovers and mistakenly attempts to open negotiations with a Black Dragon, resulting in the Inspectors' immolation. (John Snider, Different Worlds #5 1979, FFC80:13)  

Svenny, Bishop Carr, Willem of the Heath, and Mello build Freehold to guard the Pass. (“I did the floor plans when I was taking an architectural drafting course in the Spring of 1972” Greg Svenson, Blackmoor forum)  

Hero H. W. Dumbo builds a house on the peninsula of Blackmoor castle, and digs a tunnel under it connecting with the dungeon (Megarry's Notebook, year 1052 presumed to correspond to year 995, note the circa 50 year gap may be related to a dating system in which the construction of the Black hall was originally placed at year 1000)

997: (1972) - 2nd Coot invasion.  

Blackmoor Castle besieged. Captain Krey, given the choice of death or treason, chooses treason, opens the door to the dungeon allowing the enemy to flood into the castle from below.  The castle is attacked and conquered by the Grand Army of King Funk I of the Black Hand tribe of the Black Hills.  The remaining Wizards Cabal is defeated and scattered. (TWC:18; FFC 80: 4, 13, 18, Kurt Krey recollection)   The traitors split the loot and head north to the land of Coot. (Arneson, “A quarter Century of Role Playing”)

Gertie the Dragon killed defending Blackmoor town.  (FFC80:19)  She is later resurrected in gratitude. (Player recollection)

Zvenzen's Freehold destroyed.  (BMG&R 2, Player recollections).  

William of the Heath loses the sword “Blue” during an aerial dual with the forces of Coot.  William crashed into one of the deep pits around the town.  (Blackmoor Gazette #2, FFC80:16,33)  

Heroes lead expedition into Blackmoor dungeon to corner and kill the evil Balrog and the Wizard Soukup.  The expedition is successful, but upon return to the surface they find the castle and town have been sacked in a lightning raid by the Eggs forces.  Baron Fant's family is killed and the castle in ruins. The heroes hide out in the nearby woods. (BMG&R v2)  

Orc armies based out of Blackmoor maraud the Northern Marches, aided by the Evil Wizards in the service of the Egg.  The Wizard of the Wood, posing as Petrus Galliar, acts as a double agent and leads the enemy wizards into an ambush where they are slain along with many servants of the Egg. (TWC 18)

Elven king Menander’s daughter Lotsa captured by the Orcs and held hostage. Menander offers’s Lotsa’s hand in marriage to any who would rescue her. (Wesely recollection) 

Elven armies drive back Funks orcs and surround Blackmoor Castle. Team of adventurers storm Blackmoor dungeons to rescue Lotsa.  She is rescued, but only two survive the attempt – Fnord "Otto" the Barbarian and Rawse the dwarf.  Lotsa is given to the Barbarian. (CS player list and Wesely recollection, Fnord originally simply called David, but later renamed by Wesely, Fnord told everyone his name was Otto because he thought he would become invisible if his real name were spoken.  Ross Maker never named his dwarf so I resorted to using an alternate spelling of his name).
Lotsa later gives birth to a female half elf named Meridan Veslo.  (Wesely played the half elf character but never named her. The character was named later by Arneson, but Wesely remembered it to me as something like Marten Vessaloy, which must be the half elf character in DA1 known as Veslo Meridan.  I switched the name order to match Weseley's recollection and because, frankly Meridan is a much better first name for a lady elf than Veslo. Possibly TSR got the name order wrong.)

Elven forces swiftly retake the castle.  (FFC80:19, 28; 29, BMGR #2)  

Funk I, king of the Orcs remains on the sixth level of Blackmoor with the remnants of the 2nd invasion forces.  Funk builds Orchian way. (FFC80:28, Megarry notebook)   (FFC and Player reports.  Blackmoor dungeon was originally 6 levels with the orcs on level 6.  When Arneson expanded to 10 levels he moved the orcs down.)
Zvenzen and other Heroes are “exiled” to Lake Gloomy and lands south for failing to protect the town and castle during the Coot invasion. (FFC80:59, BG&R v2)   

Coot forces under the turncoat Captain Krey attack Lake Gloomy.  Zvenzen killed defending southwest gate.  He is later resurrected.  
Baron Jenkins disappears while exploring the swamp. (Cott 4 #6)  

The heroes of Blackmoor successfully lift the siege of Loch Gloomen and the tide turns against The Eggs armies. 

Blackmoor barons and heroes in alliance with Elves and Dwarves mop up the remaining forces of Coot.  

Baron Fant returns to Bramwald, leaving Blackmoor in the hands of the elves (Cott 4 #6)  Shortly after returning to Bramwald, Fant is bitten by a Vampire and becomes the notorious Sir Fang.  Sir Fang enters Blackmoor dungeon. (FFC 80:29)

Fnord, Scotty Debelfry, and The Wizard of the Wood head south to investigate the Monks of the Swamp and rumors about the brutal practices of the frog cult in the swamp..  They disappear and are presumed dead. (Cott 4 #6) (Stephen Rocheford, Blackmoor forum)
Zvenzen's Freehold rebuilt.  (FFC, Player recollections).

Mello builds his house. (FFC80:53)   

The elven prince Noetzel institutes strict measures to ensure that the plague of vampirism  is contained within the dungeon.    (FFC80:19, 28; 29, Elf Prince played by Martin Noetzel, per Kuntz recollection the anti vampire procedures were in place by Nov 1972.)  

998: (1973 AD)  Delving to the12th level of Blackmoor Dungeon with the Great Svenny,  William of the Heath finds his sword in the possession of a red dragon.  Intrigued, the dragon poses a riddle.  His life on the line William manages to solve it and is rewarded not only with his sword Blue, but also with a suit of blue mechanized armor a blue mechanical horse named "Bill".  (Svenson, Zeitgeistgames forum, FFC 80:16, 48)

The Egg of Coot launches a massive attack - The Third Coot Invasion.  Agents of Coot secretly ally with the lords of Skandaharia, Maus Loch Gloomin and Booh, and together with the armies of Ten, they spearhead an attack against Blackmoor. (FFC80:4)  

  The Sages tower is overun by the Coots forces and The Blue Rider is overwhelmed while defending the northern pass, but he is carried to safety by his horse Bill. (FFC 80:16, 47)

Blackmoor is placed under siege and the elves defending it soon withdraw.  The Blue rider rides to Vestfold to warn the King. 

The Wizard of Wood with a force of wild Elves, moves to support the Earl of Vestfold.  

Glendower, Monks of the Swamp and militia from Boggy Bottom go on the defensive against the forces of Ten.

Crash of Avian spaceship on Blackmoor near Maus, within a wizard's domain. The wizard promptly impounds the ship and everything in it - including cloaks of flying.  Some Avians escape and wander Blackmoor on foot, having long ago lost the ability to fly.  (Svenson, Blackmoor forum, Star Probe Introduction "A Powerful Wizard" possibly Mi-kar; the only other known possibilities are Ah-foo or the Egg)

Offers to join the evil alliance are rebuffed by the powerful  Wizard of Mi-Karr, and Maus drops out of the allaince as the northern forces regroup and dig in.

The Orcs under Funk the Ist with their monstrous allies emerge in mass from Blackmoor dungeon and join Coots offensive.  

Bramwald and the dwarves of the Stormkiller mountains rally to the side of the king.  

Battle of Glendower - The Cleric brother Richard taunts a score of orcs into pursuing him into the woods, where, with the aid of a magical cloak of flying, he flew from tree to tree just out of bowshot.  When the pursuing orcs were deep within the dry woods, he set the trees and underbrush ablaze.  The trapped orcs were consumed and the ensuing blaze swept the flank of the orc army, drawing their attention and providing the defenders the means to break the orc offensive and thus earning Brother Richard the epithet of the Flying Monk. (CS: 176)

Booh withdraws from the evil alliance and the King's forces pacify Loch Gloomen, where the mechanical horse Bill carrying the Blue rider brakes an entire regiment of orcs. (FFC 80:16)  

Reinforcements arrive from the Great Kingdom, which has finally recognized the threat posed by the Egg of Coot to all civilization.  

The Duchy of Ten decides to withdraw as the Kings allies forces begin counter-offensive opperations.    

The Scholaress becomes advisor to King Ra-all (David Megarry report - Ra-all presumed to still be the king.)  

999:  (1974 AD) – Funk the Ist is driven back into Blackmoor dungeon, retreating deeper down to the 10th level, and The Elves retake control of Blackmoor Castle.

Last of Eggs forces defeated and Victory declared. (TWC:18)  

A council of three is established to coordinate the administration of the Northern Marches and martial defense for the next Coot invasion.  (FFC80:47)

The Great Svenny enters Blackmoor dungeon with Scotty Debelfryand and slays Funk I. The orcs vow revenge. (4eTFC 148, Svenson recollection)

A group of renegade wizards attempt to establish several baronies in the northern fens. (TWC:17)   

William of the Heath leads a party of adventurers against the wizards. (TWC:17)   

Battle against forces of wizardry, aided by giant vultures in “six hills” of Wolf’s Head Pass (four hills, two towers).   (FFC 80:48 – the items described in the rumor table are all from late in the Blackmoor Campaign.  Example: Tonisborg wasn’t created until late summer of 1973 and the three crowns seem to post date the publication of D&D in January of 1974 as indicated by their description in the Tonisborg dungeon)    

Death of the Scholaress in the depths of Tonisborg dungeon (Megarry character sheet and recollection.)
Heroes led by Svenny explore swamps in search of Frog Cultists. After much wandering in the swamp, the Temple of the Frog is discovered and attacked but the heroes are stunned and removed from the area with their memories of it stolen. (FFC80:11, Svenson and Rocheford, Blackmoor forum)  

 “Great Vampire hunt” to dispatch the monster Sir Fang.  He is caught and “killed”.  The dungeon entrance into the basement of the castle is sealed and held by Elven guards.   Parties are permitted to enter through a door opened temporarily.  (Svenson, Wayfarer forum)

Heroes of Blackmoor lead expeditions into the wilderness south of the Root river, establishing new Baronies.  

Tenian Nomads and allies from the Plains of Hak attack new territories in the south (Province 1).  Attack defeated by the Heroes.  (FFC80:11, Robert Meyer, Zeitgeist Games forum) 
Peasant revolt in Monson and Nelson baronies.   The rebels are successful and Lord Monson is killed.  Lord Nelson is also badly hurt, but the revolt is crushed by Svenny and  the others. (FFC80:11)  

Expedition to City of the Gods.  Gaylord - Wizard of the Wood - and Nelson are killed.  (FFC80:11)

Expedition to city of Father Dragon.  Heroes drop a rock on the evil device, freeing dragons from enchanted sleep.  Both Wizard Snider and Brother Richard are killed.  Richard’s son succeeds him, but the wizard’s holdings are covered in deadly yellow mist when his untended spells go critical.   (FFC80:11, John Snider recollection)

War breaks out among the Peshwah tribes. Only the Somhak and the Sufz stay out of the conflict. (RoH p47)

1000:  (1975 AD) – After a harsh winter, Hadeen of the Somhak distributes supplies from the oasis of Sul Peshwan and brokers peace between the tribes who come to barter.  The fighting stops and he is chosen to lead all the tribes as the first Sirk of the Peshwah.  The tent city of Sul Peshwan is founded as the Seat of the People. (RoH p47)

Two dwarves, Frick Tanndon and Frack Glerndon, discover Fangs remains and restore him to unlife, joining his Undead Legion. (Player recollections, DoCBM:231)

Toska Rusa, the Afridhi's high priestess, receives a grand vision of conquest from Zugzul.   The god promises her a great empire for her people and she promises to build him a temple made entirely of gold in the heart of the Great Kingdom. (DA1:3,4, date confirmed by Greg Svenson, Blackmoor forum)   

1001:  (1976 AD)– Svenny leads a party of adventurers into Blackmoor dungeon in an effort to begin clearing it.. (Bill Paley,1976 Alarums and Excursions Gen con Report).  
Afridhi attack the Vales. (TWC:18)
The Peshneath Tribe befriends Sra Duul, a green dragon. (MMRPG Ep #27)

Garamond Bolitho succeeds Carr as bishop. (4eTFC:148)

1002: (1977 AD) Sildonis cleans out the cabin of the Wizard Gaylord and becomes the new Wizard of the Wood. (4eTFC:148) 
Slavery abolished in Blackmoor by the Council of Regents and the King. (DW42:M4 – date approximate, must postdate FFC)

 Raelralataen, brother of Hadeen, is recognized as the first Lawgiver of the Peshwah. (RoH)

The Falleem build a Temple to Raelralataen in their fortress city of High Tenlish. (RoH)

1003: (1979 AD) – Afridhi invade the steppes. The Peshwa god Calelrin, jealous of the popularity of Hadeen and Raelralataen and their string of victories against the Afridhi, has Hadeen murdered on the eve of battle.  The death is witnessed by the Red Dragon Kafess. Raelralataen survives a similar assassination attempt, but disappears while burying his brother in the barrow mounds.  Calelrin is renounced by the majority of Peshwa, and is said to have fled the Hak for shelter among the devils of the Hells.  The Afrdhi take full advantage of the confusion.   

Peshwah na Jota of the Irfat becomes the new Sirk Am Peshwah. (DAB, MMRPG Ep #27, RoH p39)

The earldom of Vestfold is eliminated.  The Regency council, led by Co-Regent Bakula decides policy. (4eTFC:148, Bakula leads the council in GPoD)  

Shema, apprentice to the Wizard Al Haza in Bleakwood, completes her apprenticeship. (Adventures in Fantasy, Book I p45)

1004: The Afridhi control the plains of Hak,  reach Ten and threaten her border. (DA1)

1005: (1981 AD) -  Uther's father killed in surprise Scandaharian raid. Uther becomes the new baron of Blackmoor (4eTFC:148, DA 1:4)

Forces of Ten attack Blackmoor but are broken and beaten at the Battle of Lake Bern, due in large part to a brilliant heavy cavalry charge led by young Uthar Andahar. (DA1:23)

Founding of the Scroll and Blade Society - an elite mercenary troop of fighter Magic Users (DPG:178)

1006: (1982 AD) – Afridhi attack Ten and secure 3 major field victories.  The campaign bogs down into a series of sieges (DA 1)

A Tsolyani sailing ship under the command of Captain Harchar passes through an inter-planar nexus point entering Blackmoor Bay in proximity to Serpent Rock.  They are greeted immediately by Gertie the Dragon – Gertie having some time earlier been resurrected for her service to Blackmoor.  Lord Chirine ba Kal, a military sorcerer-priest of the Temple of Vimuhla, addresses Gertie in Nlyssa, the ancient tongue of the Dragon Lords, averting what would likely have been a devastating battle. (Jeff Berry, Blackmoor forum)

1007: (1983) –  Restoration of Blackmoor Castle as a residence. (TWC:18, Ross via Pacificon session)  Fant, (sir Fang) of course, does not recognize the transfer of his title or his property.
The Council of Regents realize that the Duchy of Ten will soon fall to the invading Afridhis. They send a petition to the Emperor asking for permission to send an army in relief of their former enemies in Ten. They also ask for reinforcements from the rest of the Empire. Their petition is scorned by the Emperor. (DA1:4)

1008: (1984 AD) – Fourth Coot invasion - The Egg of Coot launches what it hopes will be a swift surprise attack.  Uther Andahar, assembling an army for a strike against the Afridhi, marches his army to intercept the foe. (TWC:19)  Eggs forces are caught and driven back.   

1009: (1985 AD) – Events of Garbage Pits of Despair

1012:   The Duchy of the Peaks allies with the Afridhis, who are completing their conquest of the Duchy of Ten. The Duchy of Ten falls within the year (DA1:3,4, TWC :19 gives the date 1013 but DA1 says it took 7 years after reaching Ten and 12 years from Rusa's vision.) 

1013: (1989 AD) -  Duke Uther’s efforts to clear Blackmoor dungeon suffer a severe reverse as undead overrun the guards stationed on level 2.  The Duke orders the dungeon sealed, again. (DoCBM:24,25).   

The Duchy of Ten is struck by a devastating plague, temporarily slowing the Afrridhi plans for conquest.  (DA1).

Birth of Lord Andor Zvenzen (House Zvenzen Gazeteer p24)

1014: The Afridhi probe Blackmoors defenses through an attack against Han Alefords' barony of the lakes.  The Afridhi are repulsed but Aleford is accused by the Emperor of having compromised a possible truce. The Emperor sends the Imperial Governor of the North to arrest Han Aleford, but he is stopped and sent back by Duke Uther, who considers  Aleford a friend. 

The Emperor is incensed and sends an army to teach Uther a lesson.

1015: Imperial army occupies Blackmoor castle after Uther withdraws to spare the town, takes shelter with the dwarves under the leadership of Urbestar Kazakhum and secretly builds up his forces. (DA1)

Battle of Root River.  Uther routs Imperial force, reoccupies Blackmoor castle, and is recognized as King of Blackmoor by the Regency Council (4e TFC 148, CS p20, DA1)

Battle of the Neck - Uther victorious, 10,000 Afridhi slain, losing lose an entire wing on the banks of Lake Temperance. (4eTFC:148)  Han Aleford is killed. His daughter Rissa Aleford becomes the new Baroness of the Lakes (DA1).

1016: Skandaharian forces raiding Blackmoor under Jarl Thorsen One Thumb are defeated at the Battle of the Downs. (4eTFC:148)  

1018: Uther intercepts an army sent by the Great Kingdom in the Crystal Peaks and defeats them soundly. (4eTFC:148)  

1019: Zvenzen promoted to baron; founds house Zvenzen and builds Newgate.  Svenny takes control of Williamsfort and rules from Newgate. (4eTFC:148, House Zvenzen Gazetteer p16)  

A sharp drop in land values causes William of the Heath and Mello heavy losses, ending their rival cartel.  Nicholson’s Merchant Mafia buy them out and form the united Northern Guild of Merchants. (DA1 64)

1020:  The Eldritch Underground launches a surprise attack on the Wizard's Cabal headquarters at Vestfold, killing many of the wizards present.  After a two day battle, the Cabal’s emerged victorious.  The uprisings leader, Tamis Azkanikin, ("The Green Mage") escapes and goes into hiding.  (TWC: 21)

1021:  Fletcher William leads and expedition to City of the Gods but only 1/3rd of the party survive. (DA3 7)

1023:   Bascom Ungolian, the Baron of Glendower leads an expedition into the lands of the Egg of Coot to free his kidnapped wife. The expedition is ambushed and Bascom's fate is uncertain. (DA1)

1024: The Sixth Dwarf-Orc war - Uberstar Khazakhum, Regent of the Mines, is captured by Orcs of the Black Hand in the Crystal Peaks.  Lortz Kharnumdrhum, the son of Uberstar, becomes interim Regent of the Mines.  Lord Lortz invades the orc stronghold in a failed rescue attempt.  The dwarves are pushed back to the gates of their own Northern Delving, where they are besieged by the orcs, cutting off communications with Blackmoor.  The war spreads to the Stormkiller mountains by winter. (DA1, 4eTFC:148)
1026: A patrol led by Baroness Rissa Aleford investigating reports of slavers active near Frog Island is ambushed by forces of the Temple of the Frog and the Baroness captured.  Uther sends a powerful expedition of adventurers to the Temple, who manage to destroy much of it and free many slaves.  Uther sends in an army to complete the job.  The Order of the Frog destroyed, the aliens slain, and the cultists put to the sword. However, Saint Stephen, the leader of the cult, escapes the conflict and hides in the swamp.  (DA2, Return to the Temple of the Frog, date per LoZompatore timeline)

1027: Atfer the dust settles Saint Stephen returns to the temple hoping to salvage anything that he could. Stephen accidentally releases a Vampire from a mirror of life trapping and is bitten.  After some time, Weewak the Cyborg tracks down the pair of vampires and in the ensuing battle both the cyborg and vampire are killed, leaving only the undead Stephen to haunt the ruins of the temple. (Return to the Temple of the Frog)

1030: Baron Zvenzen made Lord High Regent of the Regency Council of the Kingdom of  Blackmoor (House Zvenzen Gazetteer p18) 

1031: First appearance of Plagueborn Zombies. (MMRPG 37)

1033: New Afridhi offensive through the Great Swamp; repulsed by Uther (MMRPG 61)

1034: Uther and allies launch an all out assault on the Afridhi in Ten.  Uther lays siege to Starmorgan.  In the midst of the battle, an obsidian tower springs up suddenly, cloaking the entire battlefield in unnatural darkness. The Drakon’katha, a four armed serpentine race from the underdark emerge and slaughter the forces of both the Afridhi and Blackmoor. (MMRPG 94)  

1035:  Drakon’katha towers begin appearing in Uther's realm.  In the face of this new threat, Uther grants amnesty to all members of the sorcerous organization known as the Eldritch Underground which merges with the remnants of the Wizards Cabal to form the Eldritch Cabal. (MMRPG 94)  

1035 - 1054: For a time, the Eldritch Cabal and the heroes of Blackmoor are able to stem the tide of Drakon’katha expansion, but skirmishes are constant.

1055:  Obsidian towers begin to appear throughout Blackmoor.  The Cabal and Uther's forces are stretched thin and overwhelmed,  

Desperate, Uther sends an offer of alliance to the Egg of Coot, who refuses. 

Vestfold falls.  

Uther learns the Drakon’katha leader, the Sorceror King Amanset, wears an amulet that telepathically controls all the gathropods in his forces.  

Drakon’katha and gathropods emerge around Blackmoor in vast numbers.  Uther and the heroes fight their way to Amanset where in a heroic effort, Uther slays him.  Taking his amulet, Uther orders the gathropods to eat all the Drakon’katha.  Swiftly the tide turns.  All over the northlands, Drakon’katha begin to flee back into the underworld, as the gathropods gorge themselves on Drakon’katha flesh.  Few escape.

Blackmoor is victorious, but most of the heroes are dead or dying, including Uther and his chosen successor, Grand Inquisitor Col.  (MMRPG 94)  

Various nobles vie for power.  

4eTFC – Blackmoor: The First Campaign, Code Monkey Press, 
FFC80 – The First Fantasy Campaign, Judges Guild, following Ross, I have used the page numbering from the 1980 reprint rather than the 1977 original.
DoCBM – Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor
COG – City of the Gods by Harley Stroh
CS – Blackmoor Campaign Sourcebook
BPG – Blackmoor Players Guide
TWC- The Wizards Cable
Havard – the inestimable Havard Faanes, grand researcher of all things Blackmoor and administrator of the Blackmoor forum.
Ross/Zimriel – David Ross, creator of the original timeline.
Wesely – Major David Wesely, original player and inventor of the Braunstein games that preceded Blackmoor.
RoH, Sons of Hak – Zeitgeist Games, 2007
Rocheford – Stephen Rocheford, originator of the cult of the frog and the character of St. Stephen.
Star Probe – Introduction by Gary Gygax – September 1, 1974
Maker – Ross Maker, original player.
Zvenzen – Greg Svenson, original player and 
Snider – John Snider, original player of the wizard Bozero and game designer.
MMRPG –Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Massive Multi-user Role Playing Game.

NPC's found in Adventures in Fantasy

Author: DHBoggs / Labels:

It's a truism that we can never get enough stuff - particularly the obscure and exotic.  So here's a little collection of characters from inside the pages of Dave Arneson and Richard Sniders Adventures in Fantasy game.  Most of them are little more than a name and a class, but that's a start.  You can consider these persons to be part of the world of Blackmoor - though that is never stated.  Several of them do appear in Bleakwood, which could be anywhere, but was at one point set in Blackmoor, at least for a time.  I've given the reference italicized as either I, II, or III for the main rules booklet, the magic booklet and the monster booklet, followed by the page number.

St Cuth - religious figure or god. Ip39

Al Haza - male wizard, 11th level, lawful.   Inteligence 66 Ip45, Al Haza also has levels as a warrior from a previous career. Ip56  He is ranked as a Knight. IIIp47
He posses the green Talisman, which causes the target to be calm.  An attacker targeted will act as if hit with a confusion spell. 50' radius, saving throw allowed.

Shema - female mage apprentice Ip45

Count Horace - maniacal human male warrior, Stamina 32.  He owns the Axe of Blood sight which causes Horace to hate Magic Users.  With the axe in hand, Horace gets double attacks at + 10% but -5% to defense when attacking an Mu. Ip52, IIp36 IIIp46.   The story of how Horace got the axe and why he hates sorcerers is in IIIp46, 47

Omar the Swordman, human warrior, Stamina 54, Ip52 Future Baron Ip56

Horal, Warrior, Stamina 88 Ip52

Shoman, Male Mage level 6,Int 59, Stamina 87  IIp23,24

To'kar the terrible, chaotic mage IIp24

Hardeel the Magician, Male mage Level 6, Int 83 Stamina 36 IIp27, 28

Balcletian, mage level 7 or more  IIp28

Sokar of the Fourth Circle, Level 4 mage, Intelligence 100 IIp41

Sh'ch'col'tika-r, Elf Male mage IIp32

The dragon Sco'la IIIp8

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