D&D Rules Comparison 14

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At present I have no desire to document the range and duration changes of each spell, because D&D74 is noticeably lacking in this regard, so there are a lot of such to document.  Important effect details however are noted.

Spells last in the mind forever until cast.
Spells shared by both clerics and magic users are now identical, not having separate versions.
Both clerics and Magic-users must be 4th level to cast a reverse spell.  Cleric spell reversal is now made identical to Magic-user spell reversal; meaning spells aren’t really “reversed” rather a separate spell having an opposite effect is learned and cast as such. (p52)

Clerical spells
D&D 1994 lists only 1st and 2nd level spells due to its introductory nature.
1st level Cleric spells added:
 Remove Fear
Resist Cold
2nd level Cleric spells added:
            Know Alignment
            Resist Fire
            Silence 15’ Radius
            Snake Charm
Note: the clerical spell list of D&D 1994 is identical with the 1977 J. E. Holmes edition.

Magic User Spells:

Only the first 3 levels are given in D&D 1994.

1st level spells added (identical to Moldvey basic 1980):
            Floating Disc
            Magic Missile

2nd level spells added (identical to Moldvey basic 1980):
            Mirror Image

3rd level spells REMOVED (none added) (identical list to Cook/Marsh expert 1980):


Not putting a limit on how long a spell stays "memorized" is an interesting twist some DM's (and likely all players) might prefer.  However, the rules regarding reversed spells are just wacked.  There's no reason to change the D&D74 approach, and certainly not to this 4th level, same for all business.  Reverse spells are, and ought to be, the provenance of Clerics, especially chaotic clerics, as this is their distinguishing feature, and because they lack the power to turn undead.

Likewise, I'm not inclined to remove spells from the OD&D list.  Adding a few is no problem.


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