D&D Rules Comparison 13

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Exceptions to the rule that only one ring may be worn per hand are the ring of weakness and the cursed ring.

Cursed Ring
(appears to be unique to D&D94?)
Can only be removed by a high level cleric.
Causes a -1 penalty to all Saving Throws.
Does not detect as evil.

Have 1d10 charges (D&D74 wands have up to 100 charges)

Rods and Staves
Rods are intermediate in size between a wand and a staff.
Staves and Rods apparently have unlimited charges unless specified.
The only rod listed is a Rod of Cancellation

Discussion: The cursed ring is a very good idea and fits right in with the D&D74. Generally I'm extremely reluctant to add new magic items to my OD&D campaign, but this ring is an exception for me.

Gimping the number of charges a wand can potentially have may seem like a good idea, my concern is that individual wands may seem like disposable items if they only have an average of 5 charges. 

There are no "Rods" in D&D74.  I don't think they add much to the game, but whatever.  It is strange that staves and rods have no charge limits in D&D94, given how reduced the charges of wands are.


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