Coz News and Barrowmaze II

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Yesterday, Coz reached full funding. (yay!)

This means a print run is a go!  Now the more funds we continue to draw the prittier I can make it.  With that in mind I have a stretch goal of $5800, as mentioned in my last post, for which, if we achieve it, everyone will get a PDF of an adventure by gme designer Gerals D. Seypura.

I'd also like to mention the Barrowmaze II project up on Indiegogo in case anyone isn't aware of it yet. 

I'm running Barrowmaze I with my SWA group and having a blast.  It has become one of my favorite adventures and I'm pleased as punch to see Dr. Gillespie creating a part II.  Check it out!


Aaron E. Steele said...

Congrats, and here's hoping that Barrowmaze and Wierd West Miniatures also do well!

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