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Champions of ZED is 96% funded!  If you have been thinking of joining the Kickstarter and haven't yet, now is the time to put it over the top.


I have also announced a stretch goal to my backers and now here: 
If we reach $5800 every backer (except retailer special patrons) will recieve a free PDF of a combined wilderness and dungeon adventure designed by lifetime gamer and historian Dr. Gerald D. Seypura.
Gerry is one of the original members of the Schenectady Wargamers Club and helped to establish the annual Council of 5 Nations convention 1976.  He has been playing D&D since the birth of the game, but he is perhaps best known as the designer of the Crossbones(TM)  and Wild West(TM) roleplaying games published by Fantasty Games Unlimited.  Gerry is the real deal when it comes to old school game design I'm honored to be working with him on this first Champions of ZED adventure.


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