The Gulf of Ghayar Gazetteer and Izmer

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Sometimes I find myself moving along and minding my business when suddenly appears a rabbit hole and down I go. Heh.  Some of you will remember I did a couple of posts discussing and mapping the idea that Izmer, the realm setting of the first D&D movie, belongs to western Oerik and Greyhawk - the last post on the topic was HERE. 

Now a month or two back, a creative commons product came our called Beyond the Flanaess:Gulf of Ghayar Gazetteer., hosted on Anna Meyer's website HERE. If you are not familiar, the Gazeteer attempts to flesh out and expand the westward edge of the Flanaess beyond the Plains of the Paynim  into what is variously known as the Sundered Empire Map or Dragon Annual Map.  It basically covers some of the NW Flanaess and some of the NE Sundered Empire region - and this is of course the area there I had put Izmer.

I have a lot of irons in the fire so it takes me a while to get around to looking closely at new products and it wasn't until Friday that I took the time to look closely at this.  What struck me are the maps.  Troy Alleman has once again knocked one out of the park.

  However, Troy did something unorthodox, something I agree with 100%.  In order to explain the warm currents in the Dramidj ocean, Troy added a channel called the Omarra Straight separating the Flanaess from the Sundered Empire.  These maps are so good, I found myself wishing there was a way to fit in Izmer - and then I found one.  By creating the Straights of Omarra, Troy actually created the perfect spot - a mountainous peninsular region on the east shore of the new Straight.  Surprisingly, all that was needed was to move a few mountains, plant a couple rivers and forests, and viola., the locations transferred pretty much as I had them on the previous map. The resemblance to my previous Izmer map is striking, but I think this works even better. Here you go:

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James said...

I'm all about trying something new haha but the 2000 D&D movie? Really? You put it in the World of Greyhawk at that? Now, I'm not making fun at all. I do love the idea of fleshing out the unmapped regions of Weatern Greyhawk which is the only reason I put any stock into this idea.

Again, I am not making fun of this idea, I am honestly curious what prompted you to even do this? Clearly Izmer and the other lands within this horrible movie are not in the World of Greyhawk, so why put it here?

Let me ask a few questions, because I am honestly curious . . .

1) Does the standard Greyhawk pantheon get worshipped here or do these people in these lands worship different gods?

2) Do you incorporate aspects from the OG Greyhawk into this land? If so I'd like to hear what you did.

3) Where do you find enough information on this land to actually turn it into as D&D land?

While I hated the movie lol I am curious why you did this project and what you did to make it into D&D.

DHBoggs said...

I think each of your questions was pretty well covered in several earlier posts so I will be brief.
1) yes
2) ? Izmer is "incorporated" into the Gulf of Ghayar in the world of Greyhawk.
3) Well, there is a novel, two movies, a photobook, two WotC adventures, character downloads, two articles by Dave Arneson, and some posted emails and interviews from the time. The novel alone is a pretty robust source. :)

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