A Greyhawk Guide to Blackmoor

Author: DHBoggs /

 I think it is time to put down the pen on this one.  Thank you all for your patience over the past year+ that I have been head-down buried in work on this.  Greyhawk and Blackmoor began their journey together and bringing them back in harmony, while a daunting task, has been a true pleasure.

Here is the promised Greyhawk guide to Blackmoor.

It is a dropbox link so hopefully will work for you all, but if not I will be posting it elsewhere in the coming days.

In a nutshell, this book serves as a guide to people, locations, history, and geography of Blackmoor for Greyhawk players, including a deeply researched timeline.  It brings Arneson's traditional Blackmoor back to the Flanaess where it started.

I'm also going to post links here to front and back covers for those who want them - probably this weekend.

Lastly, this is what might be called a "Beta" release.  It has not been proofread by anybody but me.  I expect a revised version will be needed and humbly ask that if you find any corrections that need to be made or any information you think may be missing and would like to see, or anything like that please let me know either in comments or direct to my email Boggswood@gmail.



Macallan Lehane said...

That's an amazing piece of work. Well done and thank you!

Greyhawk Grognard said...

I'm very much looking forward to reading this. I've wanted to do something like this for years, but I lack your obvious command of the Blackmoor material. Well done!

Evard said...

Interestingly Quag Keep wasn’t the only publication to use the C&C Gret Kingdom map.

paleologos said...

This is amazing and clearly the culmination of a ton of work - thank-you!

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