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 Watching other people play online is a mixed bag, but can be both informative and entertaining.  I'm tempted, but I won't bore you with a discussion of the quality of gaming on Youtube, but I do want to keep a running list, both for my reference and yours, of known games of Blackmoor play recorded online.  Please comment if you come across something not mentioned here that I should add to the list, or just let us all know what you may think of particular shows.

 I'll list them in the order the shows were uploaded:

City of the Gods - TSR DA3

Nominally set in Greyhawk, this is a fairly straight play of DA3, converted to 5e.  One of the characters is a particularly interesting sort of golem. June 2019.

1975 Temple of the Frog

Grognards having fun playing OD&D.  July 2019.

 Kilgore's Lair

Tad Kilgore was one of the central figures in the d20 Blackmoor era.  He was involved in practically everything, and is the author of the excellent Riders of Hak book.  Tad runs an excellent 5e version of Blackmoor based on the d20 material but made very much his own.  The games feature excellent play courtesy of other DAB/Zeitgeist era veterans.  There is a fair dose of pure character development vignettes which some may appreciate more than others but not to worry, there is also plenty of good old fashioned dungeoneering.  May 2020

 Hex Game

I no spreken-vous el lingo (Portuguese?) but this is a Blackmoor hexcrawl of some sort.  It looks interesting in any case.  Nov 2020.

Justin Alexander's Blackmoor

 The ever prolific and interesting Justin Alexander running an OD&D version of Blackmoor Dungeon.  He uses the classic Dave Arneson maps but has restocked the dungeon, taking inspiration from the contents of the FFC.                                               November 2020

Lets Play Blackmoor

"...learn how to play minimalist, modern OSR Dungeons & Dragons TTRPG with a lot of improvisation. Inspired by the likes of Knave and other D&D like games, we explore Blackmoor."

January 17, 2022


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