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New Year and New Look for the 'blog.   Hopefully this new template will be more "device" friendly.  As part of this upgrade, I will be going back through old posts, fixing wonky fonts, and revising and editing content where it is called for.

A few posts back we talked about an alternative way of generating troop cost based on Arneson's Napoleonic economics, but that's not the kind of "Support and Upkeep" I have in mind today.

This 'blog and this 'blogger needs support & upkeep too.

As an archaeologist applying my trade to the detritus of play, I've been bringing unique insights into obscure gaming goodness from Arneson and the Twin Cities gamers since 2011 and it seems to me that there is still a mountain of work and material to write about.  Really, I have only scratched the surface, layers of goodness remain to be brought into the light and made available to enrich our experience of gameplay.  

I plan to keep at it for many years to come, but the sort of research and writing I do for this 'blog is very time consuming and requires a lot of highly specialized knowledge - it is not unlike a second career.   I'm not complaining or bragging, just pointing out the effort that goes into what you read, and making a small request.

I hope all of you have enjoyed and benefited from at least some of the content I've written over the years, and I'd ask, if you are able, to consider showing your support and interest by joining my Patreon group.  There is a Patreon link at the top of the column on the right.  Becoming one of my patrons will grant you access to some of my super cool personal content you can get nowhere else, but will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping me to take the time and do the research it takes to bring the sort of gaming content you can find here and nowhere else.  I wouldn't ask for this kind of support if it wasn't truly needed.  So I hope you will consider showing your appreciation for the blog thru becoming a Patron if you can.  

Thanks all.


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