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featured a random name generator based on the names found in the J. E. Holmes basic set of D&D.  It’s a great little tool for coming up with new names and a lot of fun.  I like the idea a lot and have used it a few times with happy results.  One caveat for me though is knowing Holmes D&D didn’t shy away from such campy names as Presto and Boppo or common names like Fred.  I started to think I might like something a little more exotic, foreign and less Holmesian.  That’s when I hit upon the idea of looking to Magira.  Magira is the world collectively created in the late 1960’s in Germany as the location of a character based war and adventure game.  It’s pre D&D European roots seemed like a rich opportunity for a different feel altogether in the names generated.  So I turned to the 1970’s novella about an adventure set in the game world as written by one of the original Magira players, titled “Wargamers World” in the English translation.  Between the character and place names, there was just enough to make the new syllables list given below.  The procedure for using it is otherwise exactly that given on the Zenopus archives blog – repeated here with permission.

First, roll d100 for the # of syllables in the name:
01-10 One syllable (double the last letter if desired)
11-70 Two syllables
71-90 Three syllables
91-100 Four syllables

Syllables can be placed together to form one word, or separated by spaces or hyphens.

Second, roll d100 for each syllable: 
1.        Ma
2.       Gi
3.       Ra
4.      Ci
5.       Jo
6.      Yn
7.       Nis
8.      Wol
9.       San
10.    Or
11.     Hu
12.    Ac
13.     Gra
14.    Mor
15.     Ag
16.    Ur
17.    As
18.    Su
19.    Hon
20.   Dan
21.    En
22.   Ir
23.    On
24.   A
25.    Tar
26.   Cy
27.   Ysh
28.   Mir
29.   Yd
30.   An
31.     Dav
32.    Il
33.    Pesh
34.   Kar
35.    I
36.   Kan
37.    Di
38.   Zan
39.    Gi
40.  Tam
41.    Orn
42.   Tess
43.   El
44.  Ope
45.   Ar
46.  Lil
47.   Pel
48.  Im
49.   Thu
50.   Phel
51.     E
52.    Thars
53.    Torn
54.   Dad
55.    Var
56.   In
57.    Beg
58.   Tis
59.    Heg
60.  Ris
61.    Lin
62.   Hoen
63.   Dis
64.  Mer
65.   Ol
66.  My
67.   Than
68.  Os
69.   Ri
70.   Lo
71.    Ric
72.   Ster
73.    Ic
74.   Sci
75.    Bruss
76.   Cha
77.   Ra
78.   Ter
79.   Ast
80.  Veg
81.    Ti
82.   Son
83.   Lys
84.  Sha
85.   Sorc
86.  Haz
87.   Zon
88.  Rhi
89.   Am
90.   Es
91.    Ran
92.   Ki
93.    Mah
94.   Nib
95.    Ve
96.   Gad
97.   Kron
98.   Ger
99.   Va
100.                        Nad

Finally, if desired add a title (pick or d20):
of the North/South/East/West/City/Hills/Mountains/Plains/Woods/Coast
the Bold/Daring
the Barbarian/Civilized
the Battler
the Black/Blue/Brown/Green/Red/Yellow
the Fearless/Brave
the Fair/Foul/Lovely/Loathsome
the First, Second, Third, Fourth etc (roll d20)
the Gentle/Cruel
the Great
the Merciful/Merciless
the Mighty
the Mysterious/Unknown
the Old/Young/Boy/Girl
the Quick/Slow
the Quiet/Silent/Loud
the Steady/Unready
the Traveller/Wanderer
the Unexpected 
the Hooded/Cloaked/Robed

Sample Magiran names generated randomly:

Zonpel Ran


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I don't know why, but Zonpel Ran sounds like a jolly fellow.

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