D&D Rules Comparison 3

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Fighter uses D8.  Hit Dice drop “+1”, but otherwise identical.

Clerics have 5 Hit Dice at 5th level instead of 4+1.
Clerics must meditate for one hour to “learn” their spells.   These are divinely given.
Clerics of any alignment may turn undead.
Unlike D&D74, clerics of chaotic alignment do not normally cast reverse spells, and can’t reverse a cleric spell at will.
A cleric may keep turning undead each round until a failure occurs at which point no more attempts to turn undead may be made “during the same battle”. (p15)  D&D74 is vague on these points.

To cast spells, MU’s must be free to speak and gesture and not be occupied with other activities.
It takes an hour of study to learn (memorize) a single spell (page 16).  The place of study must be quiet and peaceful.  However, page 26 says it takes one hour total for the MU or Cleric to learn (memorize) all their spells.
MU’s may copy spells from scrolls into their spell book if the spell is of a level they can learn.  The copied spell still disappears from the scroll.
Magic users use a d4 for hit dice.  Progression per level completely different at 1 die per level.

The numbers of 1st level spells an MU may have is reduced, by 1 at 3rd, 2 at 4th and 2 at 5th.

Discussion:  So these changes from OD&D to the mechanics of the classes are generally bunk.  Seriously.  I see a number of things which narrow or redifine the class in a manner that does not improve the game and often complicates it.

The rule regarding turn undead is okay, depending on how you play turn undead.  More useful here is the "one hour to learn your spells" rule.  It's simple and workable.


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