Human Space Empires, Background Skill

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On page 16, following:
…Part-time learners must multiply the time by 1d4+1.

Breaks from learning of months or years may cause the student to lose 50% of their accumulated time in training in the skill and may be fined or penalized if there is an instructor or school involved, as determined by the referee.  
Characters may also learn through experience.  A character who has made use of an untrained skill on multiple occasions, or been involved in activities related to the skill may also attempt to acquire the skill upon gaining sufficient experience to increase in class level.  Likewise , repeated use of a known skill provides a chance to increase the characters proficiency in the skill upon attaining a new level.
No more than two background skills or proficiencies may be gained per level.
Attempts to Gain New Background Skills or increase Proficiency
To determine if a character has acquired a new background skill or greater proficiency in an existing skill, they must make a throw on the skill success table.  The character’s INT modifier applies and a successful roll acquires the skill.   A character is allowed three attempts to complete their training.  The first attempt may be made when 75% of the required time is expired with a - 2 modifier to the throw.  The second attempt is made with no modifier when the normal length of learning is reached.  If this attempt is failed, a final throw may be made after another 50% of the required time has passed again with no modifier to the throw.  If all three attempts to acquire the skill fail, the character can not attempt the course again until three times the required length of the course has elapsed.   Future attempts to gain the skill require only half as much time due to the previous training the character received.


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